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The End:

After many years I have decided to finally stop with my galleries. The main reason is that in this country you cannot be sure of the law anymore. How can one know what is legal or not? I always thought the law is very clear  but in the past couple of years it seems that laws are not in effect for BLs anymore. People have been convicted for possession of photos I have had in my galleries before, like the Friconas photos: totally innocent naturist photos. People have been convicted for photos that were not even nudes. It seems that when you are a BL, any photo you have can nowadays potentially be regarded as illegal, not for the photo, but because you are who you are. So the law is put aside and nobody cares. And now after a judge banned Martijn it seems like even the constitution does not apply to BLs anymore.

Almost one year after closing the galleries I now also closed the stories page. You can download a RAR with all stories published here. The password for the RAR is: proudly